The intensive treatment costs

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks stay in order to do all medical and psychological testing and to implement an effective treatment. The weekly fee includes the following services:

– Comprehensive mind and body medical check-up;
– Extensive assessment and diagnosis;
– Detox at a hospital;
– 24/7 Live-in case manager;
– 24h medical supervision;
– Specific biochemical laboratory testing to determine an individual’s biochemical imbalance;
– Individualized and compounded vitamin, mineral & nutrients
– Individual mental treatment sessions provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists (including CBT, Schema therapy, Systemic therapy, mindfulness, Neurofeedback and more);
– Intensive and bespoke timetable adjusted to weekly needs;
– Trauma and other stress disorders healing;
– Various complimentary therapies (equine-assisted therapy, brain training, acupuncture, massages, personal training and more);
– Exclusive hospitality and luxurious private residence;
– Private chef and personalized diet plan addressing weight and health problems with freshly prepared meals;
– Limousine and driver;
– Leisure activities

Total cost per person and week: EUR 75’000

Not included in our rates are medical treatments or emergencies that are not related to the main treatment. We can organise and manage such treatments and provide you with a separate cost estimate. We also can organize for our clients significant additional requests, e.g. housing and transportation for their entourage or leisure activities for their family and friends, we need to charge for the additional expenses incurred. However, all such additional costs are normally identified and can be communicated beforehand.

Aftercare, out-patient treatment and ongoing support are possible and calculated individually.

Please contact us for further details.